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intelligent solutions and technologies
i-soamp-2 / i-soamp-4
Car-A udio-Amplifiers
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Seite 1 - Car-A udio-Amplifiers

intelligent solutions and technologiesGermanymanuali-soamp-2 / i-soamp-4i-soamp-4cxCar-A udio-Amplifiersby

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A.1.6 Connection to the power supplyThe i-soamp and Auxgate are supplied with an ISO power adapter asstandard equipment. The power adapter is connecte

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of metal that was only glued to the vehicle chassis. The black cable isconnected to the grounding point; make sure there is a good electri-cal contact

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LIABILITY EXCLUSION:i-sotec assumes no liability for damage that is caused by improperuse of the device, improper installation or incorrect connection

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B User’s Guide i-soamp-4B.1. OPERATING THE EQUIPMENT FOR THE FIRST TIME1. Turn on the radio with the volume set at low.2. After checking the operation

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D User’s Guide i-soamp-4cxD.1. OPERATING THE EQUIPMENT FOR THE FIRST TIME1. Turn on the radio with the volume set at low.2. After checking the operati

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For maximum sound satisfaction with youri-soamp, we reccomend to complete yourcar stereo system with a genuine i-sotecsubwoofer. Do only use i-sotec s

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i-sotec GmbHHertinger Straße 45D-59423 UnnaGermanyHotline +49 - 541 - 18 19 70tel. +49 - 2303 - 96 76 20fax. +49 - 2303 - 96 76 29www.i-sotec.cominfo@

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i-soamp-4, i-soamp-2,i-soamp-4cxCongratulations on your purchase of this i-sotec product, and thank you for yourtrust! With this i-sotec-amplifier you

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A INSTALLATIONWhen installing the equip-ment, be sure that it is wellventilated. It must not becovered or mounted near heat emit-ting objects or be su

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A1.1: Situation as is:Remove the original radio from the radio slot accordingto the vehicle manufacturer's instructions so that youcan get to the

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A1.2 Overview – The i-soamp connection principleThis depiction is designed to give you an overview of how thei-soamp is connected to your vehicle&apos

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A.1.4 Front + Subwoofer (i-soamp-4/4cx)With this connection, the front speakers and the optional subwoofer are drivenby the i-soamp. The back speakers

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subwoofer level is adjusted via the rear level control.After the i-soamp cable harness has been connected to to the com-pact plug on the i-soamp, the

Seite 15 - The universal passive

1.4A Loudspeaker connection option "Front + Subwoofer(i-soamp 2)For this connection option, the front loudspeakersand the bass spea-ker are drive

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A1.4B Sub only (i-soamp-2)With this connection option the bass loudspeaker is driven by an i-soamp-2, while the other loudspeakers are driven directly

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