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Operator's Manual
Read manual
before operating
lift. Failure to do
so may result in
serious bodily
injury and/or
property damage.
Keep manual in
lift storage pouch.
Operator's Manual
30651 Rev. B
October 2006
Braun NL Series
Braun NL Series
Patent #5,261,779
Patent #6,065,924
Patent #6,238,169
Patent #6,464,447
Patent #5,261,779
Patent #6,065,924
Patent #6,238,169
Patent #6,464,447
Patent #6,599,079
Patent #6,692,217
Patent #6,739,824
Patents Pending
Patent #6,599,079
Patent #6,692,217
Patent #6,739,824
Patents Pending
Operator's Manual for:
DOT — Public Use Lift
DOT — Public Use Lift
“DOT — Public Use Lift” verifies that this platform lift meets the
“public use lift” requirements of FMVSS No. 403. This lift may be
installed on all vehicles appropriate for the size and weight of the
lift, but must be installed on buses, school buses, and multi-
purpose passenger vehicles other than motor homes with a gross
vehicle weight rating (GVWR) that exceeds 4,536 kg (10,000 lb).
Public Use Wheelchair Lifts
"Providing Access to the World"
International Corporate Hdqrs: P.O. Box 310 Winamac, IN 46996 USA
1-800-THE LIFT (574) 946-6153 FAX: (574) 946-4670
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Seite 1 - Operator's Manual for:

Operator's ManualWARNINGRead manual before operating lift. Failure to do so may result in serious bodily injury and/orproperty damage.Keep manua

Seite 2 - Congratulations

Page 8Lift TerminologyF. FOLD (In) - Platform Fold:Fold is the action of the platform URWDWLQJXSDQGLQIURPWKHÁRRUlevel (horizontal) position to

Seite 3 - Contents

Page 9Safety SymbolsLift Operation SafetySAFETY FIRST! Know That...CCAUTIONThis symbol indicates important information regarding how to avoid a h

Seite 4 - The Braun Corporation

Page 10Lift Operation Safety Precautions WARNINGIf the lift operating instructions, manual operating instructions and/or lift operation safety precaut

Seite 5

Page 11WARNINGWhenever a wheelchair passenger (or standee) is on the platform, the:• Passenger must be positioned fully inside yellow boundaries• Whee

Seite 6 - Illustration

Page 12Lift Operation SafetyLift attendants must ensure that lift occupants keep hands, arms and all other body parts within the lift occupant area an

Seite 7

Page 13Lift Operation SafetyWARNINGAccidental activation of control switch(es) may cause unintended operation(s).0DLQWHQDQFHDQGOXEULFDWLRQSURFHGXUH

Seite 8

Page 14Operation Notes and DetailsNL Series “Public Use” lift models DUHVSHFLÀFDOO\GHVLJQHGWREHoperated by an attendant. The Lift Operating Inst

Seite 9

Page 15Operation Notes and DetailsGeneral Safety: The lift operator (attendant) and bystanders must keep clear of the area in which the lift operates

Seite 10 - Lift Terminology

Page 16Operation Notes and DetailsLift FeaturesWARNINGDiscontinue lift use immediately if any lift component does not operate prop-erly. Failure to d

Seite 11 - Lift Operation Safety

Page 17vent the platform from unfolding from the stowed position in the event of platform drift. Due to the “all-hydraulic” operation of the dual-cyl

Seite 12

Congratulations We at The Braun Corporation wish to express our fullest appreciationon your new purchase. With you in mind, our skilled craftsmen have

Seite 13

Page 18Lift Features (continued)Inner Roll StopFully-Deployed(vertical)InnerRoll Stop The inner roll stop mustoverlap the base plate aminimum 1/2"

Seite 14

Page 19Operation Notes and Detailshorizontal (bridging) position ZKHQLWUHDFKHVYHKLFOHÁRRUOHY-el. The roll stop must overlap the lift base plate

Seite 15

Page 203"Note: Platform must raise approximately three inches before latch engages fully.Outer BarrierFully-Unfolded Barrier (Ramp position)Full

Seite 16 - Operation Notes and Details

Page 21Operation Notes and DetailsAfter the platform is fully low-ered, the attendant should con-tinue to press the DOWN switch to unfold the outer ba

Seite 17

Page 22Operation Notes and Detailsity of the lift. The lift attendant should not ride on the platform with the passenger.Passenger Orientation (Board

Seite 18

Page 23Operation Notes and Detailscated on the pump-side platform side plate. A yellow boundary VWULSGHFDOLVDIÀ[HGWRWKHRS-posite platform side

Seite 19

Page 24Operation Notes and Details The wheelchair brakes must be locked, the outer barrier must be in the fully-up (vertical) position and the outer

Seite 20

Page 25Operation Notes and DetailsWheelchair-EquippedOccupant Seat BeltsThe Braun Corporation recom-mends wheelchair passengers position and buckle th

Seite 21

Page 26Transit agency supervisors should train and educate their lift attendants on the proper use and operation of the wheelchair lift if it is not p

Seite 22

Page 27WARNINGRead and become familiar with all lift operation safety precautions, opera-tion notes and details, operating instructions and manual ope

Seite 23

Page 1ContentsWarranty/Registration Instructions ... 2, 3 Lift TerminologyLift Terminology Illustration ...

Seite 24

Page 28Open Door(s) and Secure To Unfold Platform:Stand clear and press the UN-FOLD switch until the platform stops (reaches ÁRRUOHYHO- unfoldsfull

Seite 25

Page 29 To Unload Passenger (continued):2. Press DOWN switch until the en-tire platform reaches ground level (see Photo B) and the outer bar-rier unf

Seite 26

Page 30FEHGLift Operating Instructions To Load Passenger:1. Read Notes below! Load pas-senger onto platform and lockwheelchair brakes. See Photo G

Seite 27

Page 31JL To Load Passenger (continued):2. Press UP switch (Photo I) to fold outer barrier UP fully (vertical - see Photo H), and raise the plat-form

Seite 28

Page 32NHTSA Operations ChecklistWARNINGDiscontinue lift use immediately if any lift or vehicle interlock does not operate properly. Failure to do so

Seite 29 - Lift Operating Instructions

Page 33Manual Operating Instructions If you experience power or equipment failure, refer to the Manual Operating Instructions to operate the lift. In

Seite 30

Page 34Manual Operating InstructionsRelease Valvemaximum30 inch lbsminimum15 inch lbsseats(stops)OPENCLOSEapproximate1/16" intervalsValve Tighten

Seite 31

Page 35Manual Operating Instructions Remove pump cover to access hand pump and pump handle as outlined on page 33. Refer to release valve photos and

Seite 32

Page 36StrokingHandPumpOpen(Down)Close(Up/Stop) Up (To Raise):Manual Operating InstructionsEUsing hand pump handle:1. Place slotted end of pump han-dl

Seite 33

Page 37Manual Operating Instructions To Store Pump Handle: 1. Insert bottom of handle behind bottom clip. See page 33.2. Rotate top clip to secure (

Seite 34 - NHTSA Operations Checklist

Page 2Warranty and Registration InstructionsImmediately upon receiving your lift, examine the unit for any dam-age. Notify the carrier at once with a

Seite 35


Seite 36 - Manual Operating Instructions

Page 39Decals and Antiskid255803241057 – Outer barrier is not up and latched and ground detect switch did not deactivate (Century and Vista only)58 –

Seite 37 - Stroking

Page 40Decals and Antiskid29051MANUAL OPERATIONTurn wing 1/4 turn for hand pump access.29051LockUnlock1" Wide Yellow Boundary Tape 30236R(order b

Seite 38

Page 41Maintenance and LubricationProper maintenance is necessary to ensure safe, troublefree operation. Inspecting the lift for any wear, damage or

Seite 39

Page 42Maintenance and LubricationAll listed inspection, lubrication and maintenance procedures should be repeated at “750 cycle” intervals following

Seite 40 - Decals and Antiskid

Page 43LubricationDiagramUNFOLDFOLDDOWNUP3281932820Handrail Pivot Pins (2)LOParallel Arm Pivot Pins (8)LOLift-Tite Latches (Tower Pivot Points - 2) LO

Seite 41

Page 44Maintenance and Lubrication Schedule750CyclesOuter barrier hinge pivot points (2)Outer barrier latch (pivot/slide points)Outer barrier latch le

Seite 42

Page 45Apply Light Oil - See Lubrication DiagramApply Light Oil - See Lubrication DiagramApply Light Oil - See Lubrication DiagramApply Light Oil - Se

Seite 43 - Maintenance and Lubrication

Page 46Maintenance and Lubrication SchedulePerform all procedures listed in previous section alsoInspect handrail components for wear or damage, and f

Seite 44

Page 47Maintenance and Lubrication ScheduleResecure, replace or correct as neededUse Braun 32840-QT (Exxon® Univis HVI 26) K\GUDXOLFÁXLGdo not mix

Seite 45 - Lubrication

Page 3Warranty and Registration InstructionsModel No.Series No.Serial No.Pump CodeCylinder CodeDate of ManufactureNote: This information mustbe provi

Seite 46

Page 48Maintenance and Lubrication SchedulePerform all procedures listed in previous section alsoReplace if needed. Tighten or replace if needed.Repla

Seite 47

Page 49Maintenance and Lubrication ScheduleCheck to see that the lift is securely anchored to the vehicle and there are no loose bolts, broken welds,

Seite 48

"Providing Access to the World"®Over 300 Braun Dealers Worldwide

Seite 49

Operator's Manual The Braun Corporation of Winamac, Indiana, warrants its wheelchair lift against defects in material and workmanship for up to

Seite 50

Page 4UNFOLDFOLDDOWNUP3281932820PumpModuleHand-HeldPendantControlBasePlateTop Parallel Arms (2)Adjustable Quiet-Ride Stow Blocks (2)Main Cylinders (2)

Seite 51 - Intervals

Page 5Lift Terminology Introduction:Braun NL Millennium Series lifts are ADA compliant and comply fully with National +LJKZD\7UDIÀF6DIHW\$GPLQLV-W

Seite 52 - Dealers Worldwide

Page 6Lift TerminologyLift TerminologyLift Frame: The lift frame con-sists of the base plate, threshold warning plate, towers, parallel arms, vertica

Seite 53 - Operator's Manual

Page 7Lift TerminologyVehicle and Lift Interlocks Braun Corporation NL917IBSeries lifts comply fully with all NHTSA vehicle and lift interlock VSHFLÀF

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