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Seite 1 - Foldout Entervan

344432008 & Up ChryslerFoldout Entervan®

Seite 2 - Congratulations

Page 8Safety SymbolsSAFETY FIRST! Know That...CCAUTIONThis symbol indicates important informa-tion regarding how to avoid a hazard-ous situation

Seite 3 - CONTENTS

Page 9Whenever parking your Entervan and before utilizing Entervan power features, always engage the vehicle transmission in Park “P” and engage the v

Seite 4 - & Warranty Registration

Page 10Switches that activate Entervan power functions at all times:• Keyless Entry Transmitter• Overhead Console Passenger Power Sliding Door Switch•

Seite 5

Page 11OPERATIONPress and release this switch twice (x2)One-Touch Control ActivationEntervan power door, kneel and ramp functions will be activated by

Seite 6

Page 12Center Console SwitchFor front seat passengers, a switch is located in the center console (dashboard). B-Pillar SwitchA switch is located on t

Seite 7

Page 13OPERATIONC-Pillar SwitchA switch is located on the wall panel behind the passenger slide door (C-Pillar). Press and release this switchPress an

Seite 8 - FEATURES

Page 14OPERATIONKneel On/Off SwitchThe Kneel On/Off switch is located on the driver side of the center console. The Kneel On/Off switch turns the kne

Seite 9

Page 15WARNINGKeep clear of area in which power door operates. Failure to do so may result in bodily injury and/or property damage.Keep clear of the

Seite 10

Page 16OPERATIONAutomatic Kneel SystemKneeling is the lowering motion of the Entervan electrome-chanical rear suspension. The kneel system lowers the

Seite 11

Page 17OPERATIONNote: If the Entervan is in the kneeled position (with ramp deployed) and the transmission is disengaged from Park “P,” the ramp will

Seite 12

Congratulations We at The Braun Corporation wish to express our fullest apprecia-tion on your new purchase. With you in mind, our skilled craftsmen

Seite 13

Page 18OPERATIONPower Ramp Operation The power ramp is activated by the electronic control system using any of the control switches identified on page

Seite 14 - Press and release this switch

Page 19WARNINGProvide adequate clearance outside of vehicle to ac-commodate ramp. Failure to do so may result in serious bodily injury and/or propert

Seite 15

Page 20Use HAND HOLD to carefully deploy and stow ramp.Power Ramp Manual OperationThe power ramp can be manu-ally deployed and stowed. Ramp manual op

Seite 16 - Press this switch to OFF

Page 21OPERATIONRamp Electrical Override An electrical override feature is incorporated in the power ramp system. The override by-pass-es the electro

Seite 17 - Extension Strap

Page 22OPERATIONRamp SafetyWheelchair passengers and attendants (when ap-plicable), must use basic common sense and good judgment regarding ramp safet

Seite 18

Page 23OPERATIONas specified by the manufac-turer, before loading onto a wheelchair ramp.Different types of disabili-ties require different types of wh

Seite 19

Page 24OPERATIONThe aid of an attendant stabilizing the wheelchair is recommended for optimum safety. Wheelchair passengers who intend to enter and e

Seite 20

Page 25WHEELCHAIR AND OCCUPANT RESTRAINTOne Forward-Facing Wheelchair and Occupant Belt Kit is supplied for the restraint of one wheelchair and occupa

Seite 21 - Keep clear of

Page 26No product developed to date can guarantee successful securement of the wheelchair, even at low speeds, in the event of an accident. The Braun

Seite 22 - Use HAND HOLD to carefully

Page 27Wheelchair Passenger Securement: Two lap belt extensions are supplied for securement of the wheel-chair occupant. The lap belt extensions are

Seite 23

Page 1CONTENTSRamp Safety ... 22-24Wheelchair and Occupant Restraint ... 25-33Seat Removal

Seite 24

Page 28Restraint Belt Angles Locate wheelchair in forward-facing position center-ing wheelchair squarely within “L” track. The front and rear belts,

Seite 25 - Be aware of

Page 29To Engage Keeper Fitting:1. Insert keeper fitting into track (align two engage-ment feet with holes in track). See Photo A.2. Push down on fit

Seite 26

Page 30WHEELCHAIR AND OCCUPANT RESTRAINTOver-center Buckle Belt“L” TrackKeeperOver-center Buckle BeltOEM Installed Upper Torso Lap and Shoulder Harnes

Seite 27

Page 31KeeperOver-center Buckle BeltOEM Installed Upper Torso Lap and Shoulder Harness “L” Track “L” Track “L” TrackAdjustable Lap Belt ExtensionKeepe

Seite 28

Page 321. Connect chair hook to a solid frame member of the wheelchair (as shown in Photo E).2. Position and connect belt keeper fitting (attachment)

Seite 29

Page 33Lap and Shoulder Belt Attachments Refer to Photos K-N.1. Position and connect the adjust-able lap belt extension keeper fitting (attachment) to

Seite 30 - Side ViewRear View

Page 34Front Seats: In an effort to produce vehicles that can be configured to meet a variety of customer needs, the driver and passenger seat bases h

Seite 31

Page 35SEAT REMOVAL AND INSTALLATIONWhen positioning seats, it is your responsibility to reconnect all seat electrical harnesses. Failure to properly

Seite 32 - Figure 3


Seite 33 - Figure 4

Page 37Front Seat Wiring Harnesses and ReceptaclesAn electrical harness receptacle is located to the rear of each seat base in the wall (at “B” pillar

Seite 34 - Belt Release: Press

Page 2WARRANTY AND REGISTRATION INSTRUCTIONSVehicle Identification Number (VIN) Examine your Entervan® for any damage. Should any damage have occurred

Seite 35

Page 38SEAT REMOVAL AND INSTALLATIONWhen installing seats, be cer-tain seat wiring harnesses are reconnected. Failure to do so may result in power se

Seite 36

Page 39TOP2889115910151622293323283437449515 1022 1633 2928 2337 341Alignment GuideAlignment Groove(at 12 o’clock)Receptacle SocketSeat Harness PlugSe

Seite 37 - Pull back on Rear Seat Cover

Page 40SEAT REMOVAL AND INSTALLATIONFront Seat Bases“Step & roll” quick-release seat base attachments engage re-cessed floor strikers (supports).

Seite 38 - BLANK for LAYOUT

Page 41SEAT REMOVAL AND INSTALLATIONIllustrations depict seat base only.BACDEFFoot PedalStowed Seat BaseStowed Seat BaseDepress foot pedal.Deployed Re

Seite 39

Page 42SEAT REMOVAL AND INSTALLATIONFront Seat Installation Instructions1. Roll seat base into position, just behind the floor mounted strikers.

Seite 40

Page 43SEAT REMOVAL AND INSTALLATIONFECDABStowed (locked) Seat BaseStowed (locked) Seat BaseEngage front strikers (a) and depress engagement bar (b).R

Seite 41 - Disconnect

Page 44SEAT REMOVAL AND INSTALLATIONThird Row SeatsThird row 60/40 split bench seats have been modified during conver-sion procedures. Seat backs can

Seite 42

Page 45Third Row Seat Removal:Note: Removal of the passenger side section of the seat is prohib-ited*. Policy detailed on previous page.1. From the

Seite 43

Page 46LIMITED WARRANTYIn accordance with the Chrysler 5 year/100,000 mile corrosion warranty, The Braun Corporation war-rants to the purchaser of its

Seite 44 - Engagement

Page 4736 Months or36,000 Miles (whichever comes first)Years/Miles in ServiceSpecific Area CoveredCorrosion LimitedWarranty Outer Panels5 Year or100,000

Seite 45

Page 3 INTRODUCTIONOperation Quick Reference GuideThe Braun Entervan® lowered floor conversion is designed to provide years of pleasure and mobility in

Seite 46

Page 48Both the 5 year/100,000 mile corrosion and the 3 year/36,000 mile limited warranties described on previous page commence on the date the conver


Page 49of the failure of anyone to operate the same in ac-cordance with the printed instructions of The Braun Corporation or because of operation of t

Seite 48 - (whichever comes first)

Page 50PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCEMaintenance is necessary to ensure safe and trouble free Entervan operation. General pre-ventive maintenance consisting

Seite 49 - (Exceptions)

Page 51PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCEPreventive maintenance visual in-spections, cleaning and lubrication procedures do not take the place of the procedures s

Seite 50

Page 52AUXILIARY POWER SUPPLY / BELOW FLOOR OBSTRUCTIONSNote: The technical information provided on pages 52-55 of this manual is service related. I

Seite 51

Page 53Fuse Blocks: Two fuse blocks are provided for use as an auxil-iary power source (one Ignition fuse block and one Battery fuse block).The Batte

Seite 52

Page 54Below Floor ObstructionsWhen installing an electrical tie-down, power seat or other auxilia-ry electrical device in an Entervan, obstructions b

Seite 53

Page 55AUXILIARY POWER SUPPLY / BELOW FLOOR OBSTRUCTIONSQ(p)BrakeLinesBraunControllerEmergencyBrake CablesSide ImpactSensorSide ImpactSensorSide Impac

Seite 54

Page 56JACKING AND TIRE CHANGING INSTRUCTIONSJacking and Tire ChangingInterior Spare Tire Mount: The spare tire is located behind the rear bench seat

Seite 55 - OEM Fasteners

Page 57REPORTING SAFETY DEFECTSReporting Safety Defects to the United States GovernmentIf you believe that your vehicle has a defect which could cause

Seite 56

Page 4ENTERVAN OPERATION QUICK REFERENCE GUIDEInterior mounted control switches display one of these graphics.One-Touch Control ActivationEntervan pow

Seite 57 - Obstructions

Page 58Towing with a EntervanUse of this lowered floor conversion vehicle for towing is prohibited. If your Entervan Needs TowedIf case of service, The

Seite 58

"Providing Access to the World"®Over 300 Braun Dealers Worldwide

Seite 59

34443March 2008Patent #6,825,628 B2

Seite 60

Page 5Just press any oneof the buttons like the one pictured above or those shown on page 4 (press twice on the key transmitter). . .Operating Your Ne

Seite 61 - Dealers Worldwide

Page 6One-Touch Electronic Con-trol System: The electronic control system provides simple one-touch activation of Enter-van power functions. For you

Seite 62 - Patent #6,825,628 B2

Page 7Wheelchair and Occupant Belt Kit is supplied for the restraint of one wheelchair and occupant. The belt kit is used in conjunc-tion with the flo

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