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HNS 11
Nerve Stimulator for
Regional Anaesthesia,
Regional Analgesia, Neurology
User manual
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Seite 1 - Stimuplex

Stimuplex® HNS 11Nerve Stimulator forRegional Anaesthesia,Regional Analgesia, NeurologyUser manual

Seite 2

Pulse LED displayThe small orange LED above the LCD display flashes according tothe pulse frequency set (1 Hz: once per second; 2 Hz: twice persecond)

Seite 3 - Contents Page

The toneEach generated pulse produces a tick. When a stimulation currentflows to the electrodes (greater than 2% of the maximum stimula-tion adjustabl

Seite 4 - Checks before start-up

Special technical featuresThe configuration of the electrode connection provides protectionagainst a wrong polarity connection of the electrode cable.

Seite 5

BatteryThe battery must be regularly checked for correct charge by press-ing the ”BAT” button. While the button is pressed, the existingbattery voltag

Seite 6 - Technical description

Cleaning and disinfecting the Stimuplex® HNS 11Use only soft, damp cloths to clean and disinfect the Stimuplex®HNS 11 and the electrode cable. Water,

Seite 7

For usage of HNS 11 please refer to the individual local lawrestricts (eg. maintaining a logbook, etc.).In case of conducting safety checks on the dev

Seite 8

CautionElectromagnetic fields may interfere with the function of the nervestimulator. Do not use the stimulator in the proximity of equip-ment which p

Seite 9 - The LED displays

Safety informationThe nerve stimulator should not be used on patients withimplanted electrical devices (e.g. cardiac pacemakers) withoutprior consulta

Seite 10 - The LCD display

Instruments and accessoriesThe Stimuplex® HNS 11 nerve stimulator should only be operatedwith the accessories and instruments mentioned on page 13, 14

Seite 11 - The tone

Product discription Canula Code number Sales unitØ x lengthStimuplex® A needles, 30° bevelA 25; 24 G x 1" 0.55 x 25 mm 4894251 25A 25; 22 G x

Seite 12

Distributor:B. Braun Melsungen AGP.O. Box 11 20D-34209 MelsungenTel. (0 56 61) 71-0Fax (0 56 61) 71-3811Manufacturer:Stockert GmbHBötzinger Straße 72D

Seite 13 - Warning!

Peripheral electrical nerve stimulationPrinciplesBy simplifying the accurate location of peripheral nerves, periph-eral electrical nerve stimulation (

Seite 14 - Caution!

early detection of technical faults which could endanger thepatient and place the success of the anaesthesia in jeopardy.Performing PNS with the Stimu

Seite 15

If the two values coincide, the total resistance is acceptable(impedance test) and the electric circuit is satisfactory. If theactual value is less th

Seite 16

Literature23Literature1. Moore DC (1965), Regional block. A handbook for use in theclinical practice of medicine and surgery. Thomas, SpringfieldII. (

Seite 17

Appendix AStimulation current display in the mA rangePatient current Measurement display Controller display0.00 mA 0.00 mA 0.00 mA0.05 mA 0.05 mA ± 0.

Seite 18 - needles

Appendix C25Stimuplex® HNS 11 Nerve StimulatorMax. stimulation current as a function of tissue resistanceMax. stimulationcurrent [mA]Battery voltage [

Seite 19

Stimuplex® D and Contiplex® D needles (DP: DE 3919666)Only 0.2 or 0.05 mAstimulation current requiredblunt30°pointed15°Stimulationcurrent[mA]Threshold

Seite 21 - or Contiplex

B. Braun Melsungen AGP.O. Box 11 20D-34209 MelsungenTel (0 56 61) 71-0Fax (0 56 61) 71-3811www.bbraun.comW. 01.08.01/7 Nr. 604 3895hospital careCautio

Seite 22

Contents PageChecks before start-up...

Seite 23 - Literature

Checks before start-upThe Stimuplex® HNS 11 is a class lla medical device according toCouncil Directive 93/42/EEC. An item of medical equipment mayonl

Seite 24 - Appendix B

In the operating mode, the LCD display shows the preselectedstimulation current set on the controller between 0.00 andapprox. 1.00 mA (in the 1 mA r

Seite 25 - Appendix C

Technical description6. Refer to the Safety information section before using the Stimu-plex® HNS 11 on a patient.Any instrument behaving abnormally mu

Seite 26 - Appendix D

Operating the nerve stimulatorSwitching on / switching offTurn the control knob clockwise out of the O position to switch onthe Stimuplex® HNS 11. A b

Seite 27

Selecting the current rangeThe maximum current available can be selected by pressing the”mA (max)” button. The Stimuplex® HNS 11 nerve stimulator offe

Seite 28 - Caution:

The LED displaysAll LEDs directly assigned to the buttons are used to monitor theselected operating mode. Since LEDs require relatively high power,the

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