Braun CORDLESS POCKET STYLER GCS 70 Bedienungsanleitung

Stöbern Sie online oder laden Sie Bedienungsanleitung nach Werkzeug Braun CORDLESS POCKET STYLER GCS 70 herunter. Braun CORDLESS POCKET STYLER GCS 70 User Manual Benutzerhandbuch

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GCS 70
Type 4560
Cordless Pocket Styler
98826974_GCS70 UK Seite 8 Dienstag, 7. Oktober 2008 9:14 09
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Seite 1 - Cordless Pocket Styler

10GCS 7098826974/X-08Type 4560Cordless Pocket Styler98826974_GCS70 UK Seite 8 Dienstag, 7. Oktober 2008 9:14 09

Seite 2 - Important Information

The following information is provided to allow you to enjoy safe and easy use of your Braun styler.Caution• Please read the use instructions carefully

Seite 3 - Before using

Follow these instructions carefully to insert or change the Braun energy cell. Never insert or change it near an open fire or flame.1 The switch must

Seite 4 - How to use

Important: For the maxi size energy cell, use the long end cap (b), use the short end cap (a) for the mini energy cell.4 Before each use, look through

Seite 5

7 Turn on the gas flow by setting the switch to the «1» position. Wait for 5 seconds.8 Pull the starter back until you hear an audible «click». The on

Seite 6 - When you have finished

In the unlikely casethat the styler doesnot heat up, makesure the gas is on andpush the starter again.10 Turn off the styler by moving the switch to t

Seite 7 - Cleaning

• After turning on the gas flow, wait for 5 seconds before activating the starter (see steps 7 and 8).• Before each use, check the gas level (see step

Seite 8 - Guarantee

We grant 2 years guarantee on the product commencing on the date of purchase. Within the guarantee period we will eliminate, free of charge, any defec

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